Property Management


Complete Property Care is a property management company of Single Family Homes, Multi-Unit Homes,  and more. With a full qualified staff from accountants, property managers to computer programmers we are ready to take on any task we encounter.

Services rendered include:

  1. Complete management of the property by a professional experienced management staff.
  2. Maintenance of property geared to your liking. Estimate of work needed, before/after images, detailed billing, sub-contracting, and more. 
  3. Monthly statement received once a month detailing all the income and expenses of each property we manage. 
  4. Inspection of each unit is done before and after a tenant moves in or out. Routine inspections are also set throughout the year to ensure your investment is kept up to par. 
  5. Qualifications set by you, the owner. As the owner, you know what you need in a tenant to be able to make things work for you. Credit Checks are done and you are able to set a minimum FICO score, if needed. Deposits are also set by you ,if not we will use our best judgment to set a deposit. 
  6. Getting the rent money to our office is the responsibility of all tenants.We have many options available. Mail it, ACH, we accept all major credit cards, or come into are office and make a payment. All tenants get receipts for any payments made. Tenants that fall behind on rent will be evicted through the local court system by us. All accrued balanced of tenants are sent to collections and attached to their personal credit report. 
  7. Flexibility. We will do what we can, within our means, to tailor a relationship that will work for your properties and investments.
  8. 24-hour Emergency Maitenance Line! Every landlord knows maintenance on rental properties isn't just 9-5.

If you wish to contact us you can call, fax, email us at anytime. 
Once you download and fill out this form you can fax it back to us at 765-288-0899